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Finest quality artisan Cider

It's not just a rumour

Ham Hill Cider is…

…crafted to be enjoyed by all, tastes of apple, and demands only curiosity and a desire for a delicious drink. It’s made only from Somerset vintage cider apples, by us in Somerset. We aim to make the cider we want to drink, rich in flavour and heritage, but also refreshingly appley and smooth. We believe we’ve cracked it.

…Try it and discover the truth of good cider.

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Finest quality artisan cider from the best vintage cider apples

Apples and barns are how obsessions start…

…many obsessions probably start with innocent ideas while sat in a pub with friends, “There are a few old orchards around here, why don’t we pick some apples and make some cider” and so it began with us…

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Four sons of Somerset with a passion for the press

Find out a little more about the process by following our YouTube channel.