Bop Drop 5.5%

Bop drop brings traditional cider bang up to date, using classic apple varieties like Somerset Redstreak and the legendary Kingston Black. The result is an easy drinking full bodied cider, with plenty of fruit and a smooth finish.

Hamhill Somerset Cider - Sweet


Early Drop 6%

Our Early Drop is made from the first pressed apples of Autumn. Varieties include Morgan Sweet, Early Red Jersey and Ellis Bitter. The result is a medium cider with a fresh contemporary taste, plenty of fruit and a rich tangy finish.

Hamhill Somerset Cider - Early Drop


Oak Medium ABV 6.2%

The smooth and ruit character of our oak Medium is achieved through a careful blend of juice from heritage apple varieties, delivery rich flavours and a contemporary taste that remains true to the tradition. Ham Hill in Somerset forms the iconic back drop to our tranditionsl orchards. We are inspired by the culture and heriatge of our region.

Hamhill Somerset Cider -  Oak Medium


Medium ABV 6.5%

Ham Hill Medium is crafted from Somerset cider apples, picked at their ripest and best for maximum flavour. We use varieties such as Kingston Black and Yarlington Mill, to achieve a saticfying balance of crisp fruit and a full body.

Hamhill Somerset Cider - Medium


Dry ABV 6.5%

Ham Hill Dry is an award winning cider, crafted with care to let the apples speak for themselves. Over 20 Varieties are used to produce a rounded cider that is rich and deep like the tradition, yet is smooth and refreshing.

Hamhill Somerset Cider - Dry


Long Barrel 5.5%

Naturally sparkling Somerset Keeved cider. A traditional process which allows the full depth of flavour to develop in the cider, enhanced by the natural bottle conditioning. Only the finest vintage bittersweet apples are used to make Long Barrel. The process starts on a cold December evening and finishes late in the following summer; real cider takes time. Made in the Long Barrel.